Do It Yourself (DIY)

Did a little DIY tonight.  Took my previously modified Seiko SNK 5 watch (which I picked up for 20. USD) and tinkered a bit with it tonight.  In my initial modification I installed a sapphire crystal, had a 007 dial inserted to replace the original, and added a Seiko 7s26 automatic movement.  Everything else on the watch was untouched cosmetically and the watch in my opinion still needed some punch.

So… I wanted to take it a bit further looks wise and I decided a few more modifications were in order.  First, I  carefully removed the bezel from the case and cover the watch in plastic wrap to avoid any dust getting inside the watch.  I then hand polished the bezel to a nice shine.  I left the case itself in its original mat finish.  The two finishes combined on the watch made for great contrast I think…  

Next I took the strap off and replaced it with a generic solid 316L stainless steel, brushed bracelet.  I also had a vintage Seiko clasp laying around so I refurbished and hand polished it to a nice luster then installed it on the bracelet.  It was a perfect fit too!
The edges on each bracelet link were brushed like the top side so I polished each link edge to a high polish to match the newly polished clasp and bezel.  Now everything blended really well together.

WHEW! A lot of hand polishing!  All and all it took about three hours to complete the project.  I think the end result speaks for itself… Check it out!  BTW the picture of the watch with the green dial is the watch in its original state before all the modifications.

Guess we know what I’ll be wearing tomorrow!!!





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