Frederique Constant Persuasion

Time for a Review…

Ok so it’s been a little while since I purchased my Frederique Constant (FC) Persuasion Chronogragh, Model 292MC4P6.  I try to review a watch shortly after I’ve received and worn it few days, but time and work travels have hampered my review.  But I am back…

So a little background, Frederique Constant has a short history in the manufacture of Swiss wristwatches by today’s standards. It started in 1988 by Aletta Francoise Frédérique Stas-Bax and Peter Constant Stas; hence, the name Frederique Constant.  The brand is not quite 30 years old but a brand that has well established itself in the luxury watch market.  In an era of more and more micro brands coming and going, 30 years and counting is not a bad run…

I’ve always admired Frederique Constant watches from afar but never pulled the trigger on one. Recently the stars were aligned when a great offer, nice warranty package and classic design I tend to admire were presented to me in a boutique. With the recent acquisition by the Citizen Holding Group of Japan, I wanted to grab an all Swiss Frederique Constant watch. Not that I foresee a change looming down the road, but just in case…

To the watch… The FC Persuasion includes such functions as a Chronograph complication with three sub dials; 60 second, 60 minute and 12 hour, but no fly back function when resetting the Chronograph. There is a small date window at the 4 o’clock and the watch has a Hack function. Given all those features the watch still maintains an elegant dressy look, which is aided by the beautiful silver Guilloche dial and sapphire crystal.

The hands design are a nice elegant touch and fit well with the Guilloche dial.  I would have preferred blue hands to offset all the black Roman hour markers and black Chrono hands…  I also think FC should have used a softer font on the Chrono sub dial numbers or just use markers instead. They seem a bit bold or out of place for the rest of the dial. Overall it is a beautiful dial and despite everything going on with what seems to be about a 38mm dial, I don’t find the dial too busy and it’s very easy to read the time.  You will notice an absence of any Lume on the dial.

The 40mm case is relatively slim and comfortable on the wrist given the watch complications.  The slim case (8.8mm minus the bezel) may be attributed to the in house Calibre FC-292 Swiss 13 Jewel movement inside. That is pretty much all the details I’ve been able to find on the movement itself. I would have preferred to see an ETA 7751 Valjoux at the heart of this watch…

The crown and pushers are not garish and fit well with the case design.  The oblong pushers are stiff and feel snug against the case and make for dressy look as opposed to round pushers that tend to have a more sport look on a watch.  Those who know me, know what comes next here, my pet peeve… However, I am not disappointed with the lack of a screw down crown on this watch given it’s a dress watch. I can’t imagine anyone going swimming or diving with this… but in case you drop it in the pool, sink or toilet it is water resistant to 200 feet.

The black padded leather strap is high quality with a soft suede back that is comfortable. The strap size is 22mm/18mm, but I think the watch would have looked a lot classier with a narrow 20mm/16mm strap. In my opinion a narrower strap is dressier… Still, very nice look… I may opt for a brown exotic crocodile strap to break up all the black and give the watch a more casual feel.

Guess I just gave away what I usually save for the end of one of my amateur reviews… So yes, the FC Persuasion is a keeper and makes for a nice formal addition to my collection. Now I have a round dress option to set along side my Cartier Tank.

My hope is the Frederique Constant brand stays independent of the Citizen brand and remains in Geneva.  Not that I don’t like Citizen, quite the contrary, I like Citizen and own several pieces as I know many of you do… I just want to see the Frederique Constant brand continue to flourish going forward and remain Swiss; again, there is no indication it won’t… I think the brand has a lot of life left and great potential to continue competing in a vas watch market.

If anything Citizen can use its mega resources and marketing tools to promote the Frederique Constant brand, a name that is synonymous with quality and luxury all at affordable prices. Owning a luxury watch should not break the bank…

As far as prices go, I think Frederique Constant watches offer great value given the price point when you compare them to similar Swiss watches. But as always, do your research and look for great values in the grey market. There are some great deals to be had… I chose an authorized dealer on this one because they offered a two-year warranty in addition to the manufactures warranty, free service for five years including band replacement. So not a bad deal!

I give this Frederique Constant Persuasion a full thumbs up and again, one that will stay in my collection.

UPDATE: As I was getting ready to post this piece my buddy Ric came by for a brew. He really liked the watch. Ric is not much of a watch fan but enjoys having a nice watch on hand. Not having purchased a watch in a while he was really taken by the FC Persuasion… like myself, Ric leaned toward a brown strap vs. the black…

In conclusion… I switched to a brown croc and Ric made me an offer I couldn’t refuse…






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