WTCOT received this Citizen Eco Drive PRT AW7038-04L for a quick review.  At first glance it’s a good looking watch and cosmetically Citizen paid a lot of attention to detail.

This watch is one of Citizen’s latest Eco-Drive movements they call a casual everyday watch (daily beater).  The Eco -Drive system is powered by natural light.  No winding or wrist motion needed to power the watch.  Just fully charge it under natural light and get almost a full year of charge.  The case is 42mm with a 22mm lug and comes with a grey/blue striped NATO strap.  The NATO strap is high quality, thick and I like the rivets on the strap holes to avoid fraying.  Nice touch… The blue fixed bezel insert looks good and is secured deep in the bezel to protect from damage.  Another great feature.

The grey dial is sharp and crisp with a three dimensional look to it.  The dial displays an eight month power reserve indicator and includes date display.  The red second hand and red power reserve hand add a nice touch to an otherwise pretty grey looking dial. Unfortunately the grey dial and lack of non-reflective coating on the crystal makes it hard to read the time under direct sunlight.   Too much glare.  The Citizen website does not indicate whether its a sapphire crystal but I don’t believe it is… not too crazy about what looks like an after thought Cyclops and it actually makes it difficult to see the date which is the whole purpose for it!  I think Citizen should remove the Cyclops or make it larger.

What you do get is a solid watch, well made and name recognition.  The PRT has pretty good weight and doesn’t feel cheaply made at all and at only 11mm thick it’s very comfortable to wear.

Of course my usual pet peeve on a watch applies here as well.. that is, a watch that is over 50m water resistant and the lack of a screw down crown.  This PRT is WR100/10Bar/333ft and Citizen indicates good for swimming, showering & snorkeling.  So why not a screw down crown Citizen?  Additionally, the crown in its pulled out position seems flimsy and even when changing the time or date the crown has no resistance at all.  When pushing the crown back to lock position there is no click and feels like its not locking.  So I’d be weary and taking the PRT under water.

Overall the watch is well made given the price point of 275. USD Suggested Retail Price. Would I recommend this watch; I would recommend this PRT as a daily beater but would try the grey market to get a better price.  I’d pay about 195. USD and be happy with it… Will I keep this PRT or return after the review?  Yes, I will keep the watch but will change out the strap to add a little color to it!  It is Spring after all… I like the Citizen PRT, it looks good and a great summer beater.


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