Tissot Couturier

Well I’m probably going to disappoint a few folks with this watch review given all the hype the past week on Facebook. But I guess I will prove a point. Point being that watch collecting is not about others and what they think… like or dislike.  It’s about what you deem as a collector’s piece for your collection.  Remember it’s your collection!  What strikes you in a watch; is it the origin, style, brand or even popularity of a watch?  What gravitates your attention and desire to own a particular watch?  It could even be the price of a watch that makes it a collectible piece for some, which includes me as well…

Some will look at this watch and say they don’t like it, it’s junk, or there are those who may even say it’s a decent watch.  This watch is out of the normal classic style for me. However it caught my eye and as a collector that’s all it takes. That said; let’s take about the watch.

This is a Tissot Couturier 1853 Mechanical Automatic with an ETA 2825-2 movement with a 42 hour reserve.  I believe this is a great movement for this particular dress watch.  I say dress watch because I don’t see it as an everyday timepiece.  It is almost an attention grabber at a party or social event.  The Couturier comes in a 39mm case and 20mm lugs, which is a great mid level size. This watch has all the great features you’d expect from a Swiss brand, sapphire crystal, glass display case back, rich leather strap and Tang clasp with logo.

Not sure why the clasp comes in a grayish matte finish look to it since the watch itself has a polish and brush finish… however, there are a lot of other attentions to detail and design on the watch to make up for the clasp.  The stainless steel case design is that of a much higher end Swiss watch.  It has nice chiseled details both in brush and polish finishes along with crisp and soft edges.  The case is very classy for sure and well made.  I like all these features and make it a very desirable watch to own and wear.

However, there are a few features lacking or missing in my opinion.  So let’s talk about  those features.  First, no screw down crown.  What does it take to get brands to place a screw down crown on a watch.  We as consumers would gladly pay the extra cost, especially if a watch is water resistant to 100 meters.  Makes no sense to me not to have this feature!

Next on my lacking scale would be the dial… Those of you who know me, know I am a classic, simple analog type watch guy.  Nothing fancy or too flashy as far as a watch goes… This dial with it’s sub dials for the time and seconds is kind of awkward looking for my style.  Then you have the date display out in left field at the nine o’clock position.  I see a lot of empty unused dial space but I presume that’s the intention here.   In addition, I think because this is a much dressier watch or so seems the intent… the Tissot insignia and Automatic designation should have been in a stainless finish here.  The white letters and second hand markers are too much of a contrast for the stark black dial so that is the first thing you see…  Also, there are those who say the Couturier looks like a copy cat of an A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1.  These days who can say with so many renditions on the market.

So why did I gravitate toward this watch?  I was walking by a jeweler at the local mall (do folks even go to malls anymore) and it caught the corner of my eye. I fell in like almost instantaneously.  So I had to try this watch on for grins.  It was the perfect size along with fit and felt very comfortable and elegant.  It was classy, crisp sharp and spoke volumes on my wrist.

This Tissot was a must have… I was also really shocked once I saw price tag.  I expected easily to pay an outrageous price given it was a full retail shop.

I thought 995. easy!  I was totally shocked it was tagged at under $500.  I should have expected that from the Tissot brand of watches… A nice looking watch, classy, great features and great price point all in one!  I would easily compare this Couturier to any Oris Arterlier Date Automatic selling for about $1500 USD at full retail price or about $1000. on the gray market. They both have comparable styles, workmanship and both have automatic ETA movements. You do the math on this one!

But that’s not all… before I made the purchase, which I rarely do full retail, I took out my trusty iphone out and did a Google search for the same Tissot model.  I found it just about half of the selling price at the retail store.  Guess what, the jeweler matched the price!!!

So there you have the rest of the story…



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