Oris Classic Date

Well after getting a basement bargain price on this Oris Classic Date which in itself was unbelievable… I thought I’d write a mini review while driving home from the local all you can eat Catfish Parlor.
This model dates back to 2011 which makes it about 6 years old.  I purchased it brand new (box, manual & warranty included), on the grey market, which these days I do a lot of… I found it by accident and was not even looking for a watch!  Well at the time anyway!

I could not pass up an Oris for under 400. USD with an automatic movement (modified ETA), date complication, sapphire crystal, screw down crown and beautiful black dial.  Icing on the cake is the two year limited warranty that came with it… Today’s models easily go for 1100. USD and not a whole lot of difference in styling.

This Classic Date makes a great dress watch at 37mm and slim design especially with its black on black appearance.  Black dial and black leather strap didn’t really do it for me but that’s my personal opinion.  Fit and finish is every bit Oris quality and I’d easily pay full price for this piece.

I decided to remove the black strap and add a brown non pattern strap with a contrast stitch in order to give it a more casual feel.  I think I accomplished that goal rather well.

All and all I’m very happy and if anyone comes across such a watch at that price I would not hesitate… Hell you can’t even get some Quartz watches that low!

Question here, is it a keeper in my collection?  Not sure yet.  May try to flip it… but the longer it stays in my collection the more unlikely I am to sell.  I will give it wrist time this weekend but have several others to do mini reviews on… Thoughts?  I give it four thumbs up out of five!

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