Point To Ponder: Market Change…

Is the watch market really changing? Or is it the consumer running weary? As I sit and read many blogs, articles and stories of the industry’s survival or lack there of, I ask myself these questions…

Is the consumer that was once so fascinated by the watch industry getting weary because of all the brands thrown at us, mono shops slapping us in the face or are we getting tired of the price hikes that on many brands seem unwarranted. Has watch collecting become a fade by the mere fact that the market is becoming so saturated with so many watches?

As a watch collector, I get frustrated sometimes because I seem not to be able to afford more watches today than when I was making less money just a decade ago. Has this passion become a “keeping up with Jones” where we make a purchase to keep up with everyone else’s collection? How many pieces in our collection do we truly love and purchased because we felt a burning desire to own a piece of rich history or fascinated by the intrigue beauty of the watch?

Despite all these burning questions, I still see light at the end of the tunnel as a collector and for the industry as well. Sometimes just taking a deep breath and reassessing the direction of our collection goals helps to see things clearer and the same can be said of the industry.
For myself, I will continue to collect but I will get back to what started my passion and desire of collecting… that is, my fascination with the rich history, origin and uniqueness of each piece I choose collect. I will ask myself, “why do I want this piece”, that said, I love each and every one of my pieces and would not discard of any one piece in my collection.
As far as the industry, there are some struggles to overcome, but they will survive just as time is assured to keep ticking!


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