Hey Folks, It’s me again with one of the latest watch acquisition acquired for review. We will look at a watch brand that has been around since 1854, that’s just a little over 150 years. That is quite impressive for an American watch company given all the strong competition from the Swiss and Japanese markets.

So being a curious kind of guy I thought I’d grab a watch from the collection and see what this almost 200 year old watch company had to offer. Obviously they must be doing something right to have such a great following and to be able to hold their own in a very saturated watch market. I have not owned one of these watches since I was a kid having destroyed one I got for Christmas one year. All I wanted to do is get a closer look at where the Tick, Tick, Tick was coming from…

Until recently this watch company was the only one mass-producing watches in the USA until the Shinola watch brand started producing here as well. By now you must know I am talking about none other than the Timex Watch Company.

Many folks may not know this bit of trivia, but Timex revolutionized the industry in many areas. In 1901 you could get a pocket watch from Timex for one dollar. The year 1914 saw Timex redesigning the pocket watch as they moved the crown from above the 12-hour marker to the 3… welded lugs and threw on a canvas strap. By 1950 Timex was mass-producing watch movements and by decades end every third watch sold was a Timex. Pretty impressive I think! Let’s not forget their famous slogan, “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”, a slogan still well recognized today.

Remember the first sports watch? It was the Timex Ironman… oh and who can forget the Indiglo… But all that was yesterday…

Today, we fast forward to the present and I’d like to share the Timex Weekender Chronograph Indiglo. When I decided to order this watch I had no expectations whatsoever. In fact, I had no intention of buying this watch at all; however, I do admit having looked at Timex online from time to time and being intrigued by some of there designs. I am embarrassed to say I never really took the brand seriously… well until today.

Let me pour another cup of coffee and we will begin our exploration. OK, so back to the Timex Weekender… The initial retail price of this Weekender Chronograph was $84. online, which by today’s standards is very modest and after a 30% discount with free shipping it came to just a little over $50.

Package arrives just three days after the online purchase. I will admit I was terrified when I first saw the packaging, not what I am used to when purchasing a watch, where presentation is almost as high quality as the watch in the box. I guess we’ve been spoiled that way.
I thought to myself, maybe the money being saved on packaging is being spent on the watches Timex is producing and passing the savings to the customer!

Alright, watch out of the box and in hand… I am a bit speechless! Now keep in mind I am describing a Timex watch selling for under $100. Surprisingly, it’s a pretty darn good-looking watch! It has substantial weight to it, which I didn’t expect. This may be due to it’s a brass case that is making it heavy. It does have a nice mirror like chrome finish to it… you could easily be fooled into thinking it’s high polished stainless steel.

Fit and finish is pretty good as well and the mineral glass is very sapphire like in feel and doesn’t have the white cloudy distorted look you expect from inexpensive crystals. The case is unusually thick at 11mm but doesn’t feel really bulky. The 40mm case with 20mm lugs is just about the right size and any larger might have over done the look. Overall watch feels comfortable and the rounded edges help the feel of the watch. The snap off case back is reminiscent of vintage Timex watches with the little raised lip for ease of snapping off.
Water resistance is 30 meters, so basically it’s safe to say getting it wet will not harm the watch… anything else you are on your own. It’s no surprise the lack of a screw down crown but not warranted or expected for this Timex. All we know about the movement is that it is an Intelligent Quartz analog.

The chronograph functions work properly but hard to tell if it’s been activated due to pushers having a lot of resistance and barely depress. Once you get the hang of all functions, they work properly and I do like the flyback sub dial functionality! Although I couldn’t get the chrono second hand to line back up to the twelve marker after using the chronograph. I am not sure if it is a defect or user error. Of course my OCD kicks in and got frustrated trying to line the hand straight up to the 12-hour marker.

The pushers along with the crown serve to activate the Indiglo backlight by depressing either one. Crown does look like its not fully pushed back into closed position but it’s due to the crown’s secondary function to activate the light. I did notice the bottom of the dial below the 6 marker has a sliver that does not light up. Not sure if this is another defect or maybe the light sensor. I am going with the latter because the watch does recognize light source.

The dial is clean, crisp and well laid out and comes with a quick set calendar sort of… When pulling the crown out to the first position for changing the date, the hour hand also rotates as well. I’ve never seen just the hour hand rotate and not the minute hand along with it. But you do need to complete two rotations to change the date.

The leather is as good a quality leather strap as you can get online and very well made. It could easily be compared with a StrapCode or WatchGecko strap. The price paid for the watch is worth it for the strap alone. Think of it as buying a strap and getting a watch as a bonus. That is not a bad thing because the watch is impressive!

Overall, for just under a $100. you are getting a really good looking watch that does what its suppose to do… tell time with the addition of a stop watch. I am impressed by the quality and I could easily compare it to a starter Swiss or Japanese model for much less the price. I also compared the Timex Weekender to a Shinola Canfield Chrono and I saw no real difference in quality and workmanship, but the Shinola watches run anywhere from $550. to $850. online depending on model. At those prices I’d stick with the Timex any day.

NOTE: The Shinola is all stainless steel, has a screw down case back and sapphire crystal.

However, that said, and in my opinion not worth the extra money. My advice is buy a Timex and put about $500. in the bank depending on which model you are looking for…

So in conclusion, I would say you get what you pay for, here I think you get a little extra for the price. I give the Timex Weekender Chronograph a thumbs up and three stars out of five. You will be seeing this one on my wrist.





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