Well after a lengthy conversation earlier this summer about these inexpensive watches out of China, I thought I’d order a couple of them and see the inner workings of these watches.  I mean after all they were under 5.00 USD including shipping/handling. I guess that’s why they took almost two months to arrive.

The brand is XINEW and not sure if that is the name of the watch series or brand, hard to say… From a distance and even close up the watch looks normal, well at least to the unsuspecting eye.  I do have to say I used a friend as a test pilot sorta speak.  He actually wore it to the office and much to his/my surprise there were many compliments on the XINEW Chrono Quartz watch.

That said, let’s take a closer look at this watch. The case is a metal case but hard to tell the material because it’s cheaply painted in a black gloss. I will say the dial is a nice looking dial in a copper finish and nicely detailed with all its complications (or the lack there of). Glass however, is a cheap plastic that sinks when pushed on…

Here is the deceiving part. You think you are getting a chronograph watch but look very closely at the inner workings of the watch.  Tell me what you see, or rather don’t see… Once you see what what I’m referring to, the tiny movement will make sense to you.  Also take a good look at the chrono pushers. They are fixed and have no function whatsoever.  Whatever you do don’t get this watch wet because the backing has no gasket and just snaps on to the case.

The band is a high grade pleather that from a distance looks like genuine leather but again don’t be fooled…

The watch does function and tells time and thus far telling time accurately; however, turning the crown to set the time is kind of scary because it feels like the hands are going to just fall off.  I will say XINEW went the extra mile in adding a calendar and Hack function! I think with a little more effort this could be the makings of a real reliable time piece that could sell for about 100. dollars give or take…

In conclusion, it is a watch, does tell time and I couldn’t have expected anything more for 2.00 dollars. Great stocking stuffers for the novice child collector in every household…

Arthur G Gonzalez,




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