Tissot Tour De France 1853

In Review – Tissot Tour De France 1853
Well after a few days on the wrist I have to say I am pleased with the look of the Commemorative Tour De France (TDF) Special Edition watch from Tissot. I think it was well executed but that said, I feel Tissot could have gone further with the details. Lets get started…
The case is keeping with the 1853 Series look/design and is made of solid of 316L Stainless Steel. Though heavy in its nearly 42mm size case and 12.02 thickness it still wears very comfortable on the wrist. Even with my 6.5’ wrist it does not feel too big… The steel case back is engraved with the Tour De France logo. which is the only hint of what the watch is suppose to commemorate.
The watch has a sapphire crystal and would have preferred a display case back as well but more on that later. The dial is a smoke grey with the date and Chronograph complications with stainless steel hands and Tour De France yellow colored second hand. Great touch to add some color to the otherwise gray look of the dial since it’s so large… works well.
The large Arabic markers on the 3, 9 and 12 are a nice touch but can’t figure out why they missed the 6, especially with the date at the 4 marker. The NATO style nylon strap is in TDF colors of black and yellow add a striking good look on the watch. Strap is well made with extra stitching around the lugs which makes the strap feel more durable. NOTE: I switched out to an aftermarket strap.
Movement is a Swiss ETA G10.211, Chronograph Quartz which is Swiss workhorse. There seems to be a lot of debate over in chat rooms about whether this movement is high quality, but the facts are it’s very accurate; downside, it’s non-serviceable due to all of the plastic parts used and the special machinery needed to assemble the pieces. Disappointing to say the least. But the chances of it wearing out any time soon is highly unlikely and if it needs replacing it will probably cost about $40-50. But I digress… I am disappointed Tissot decided not to put an automatic movement in the TDF having a special edition status.
Overall its a good looking watch to wear. Is it worth the 500. USD price tag? I will let you decide and it remains to be seen if I will hang on to it.
Disappointing for me is the lack of an automatic movement (hence no display back) again, given the price tag. I think the strap should have been a one piece strap vs. a two piece (picture of original strap included below). I also feel the strap could have been a bit thicker given the thickness of the watch. Maybe even a rubber strap option in addition to the nylon strap. I will let you decide on whether this is a good value or not… In my opinion it is not… simple because you can get a Tissot 1853 Series with automatic movement for half the price online.
In conclusion, this Tissot is a good looker and is a solid piece, but they missed the mark on several levels. Two thumbs up out of five.

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