7S26B & 7S26C

Today will be another Seiko day… Well half a day until the eve. I will choose one of my 7S26 models for galloping the streets of Austin in search of mimosas. Both same movement, same dial and functions, but totally different look and feel. One factory made diver watch with the 7S26B movement and the other custom made military style with the the later generation 7S26C … Both great looking and made to be worn.

The 7S26 movements are entry level from Seiko and almost 100% machine made. There are no bells or whistles on the 7S26 movements, no hacking, no manual wind function… What you do get in this movement is a solid workhorse that will run for at least 10-15 years or longer without needing service.  Not many Swiss movements can make that statement.  When it does need service, it will be a relatively easy job and not costly.

The watches though different in looks both come in a solid stainless steel case.  For the Diver, either rubber strap or metal band (which I removed), hardlex crystal and functional uni-directional bezel.  The Military style watch comes with a custom leather strap and sapphire crystal and display case back.  Both have the day/date function and a decent automatic movement (bi-directional rotor) that compares to some great ETA movements from the Swiss.  Accuracy for the 7S26 movement is +/- a few seconds per day depending who you talk to… but the movement can easily be regulated by a jeweler or there are DIY tips on doing it yourself.  I don’t recommend the second option because it is a sensitive task.

So there you have my take on my Seiko 7s26 movement. Now deciding which one to wear!

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