Past, Present and Future

Through tradition, innovation and the desire to maintain a legacy for many generations to come, Seiko has always been on the fore front… this while staying true to their heritage and managing to advance the technology of movements at the same time.  This tradition leads to one thing, EXCELLENCE!  Excellence in workmanship and quality defined by the pieces we wear today.

It does not matter if I’m wearing a Seiko timepiece from today or yesterday each watch has its own unique character yet all display Seiko classic traits.  Not many watch brands can make that statement.   Comparing new and vintage Seiko watches side by side you see the brand similarities, the hands, pie pan dials and cases.  In these particular models, differences are sapphire crystal, movement and case size.  But as you can see, the design remains true timeless Seiko.

Two of the three pieces in this article were acquired in Japan made for the Japanese market.  The newest piece was recently obtained via internet from Japan also made for the Japanese market, hence the day display in Japanese.   As a side note, keep in mind when buying a new Seiko watch from Japan, the warranty is only honored in Japan.

In conclusion, whether wearing a vintage 1966 Seikomatic, vintage 1975 Seikomatic, or today’s modern timepiece such as the Presage… there is a legacy that lives on… or a legacy being created… Seiko has laid its foundation well in the watch industry and in the history books.  The brand has also created a future for a new generation of collectors to enjoy as we continue to pass down our collections…

Watches, The Collection of Art


This article has been written at the hands of a passionate collector and not for the purpose of advertising or promoting a brand.

FullSizeRender 236
Vintage 1966 Seikomatic Weekdater-R Day/Date 30 Jewel Automatic
FullSizeRender 237
1975 Vintage Seikomatic Weekdater Day/Date 26 Jewel Automatic
FullSizeRender 234
Seiko Presage Day/Date Mechanical Automatic SARY057



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