Invicta Watch

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Invite Professional Automatic Diver

In Review

The Invicta watch company is one of the fastest growing of its segment in the watch industry.  I know, many of your are probably laughing right about now… but let’s look at the facts objectively. They have many collectors, and many more fans. You will find their watches worn by all kinds of celebrities and sports stars. Invicta is constantly coming out with new collections and improving their designs.
That said, in my opinion is one of the company’s flaws…Too many designs, too fast… Invicta does not allow the market to absorb and get used to seeing their designs for too long before coming out with a new line… Ultimately causing their watches to end up in discount retail outlets. Does that make Invicta a bad watch? I say not at all!
Remember Invicta’s Lupah Series, it was a great hit and got worldwide acclaim and in fact other watch makers were following Invicta’s lead on the Lupah design. Others will say Invicta spends too much time taking designs from other watch makers. Invicta does have some traditional watches like their Pro Diver Series that remain constant in design and are great looking time pieces.
The quality of Invicta depends on who you talk to… If you do your own research, you’ll hear very mixed reviews on whether Invicta watches are solid in quality and build. The Pro Diver Series certainly receives the best ratings and are definitely very sturdy when it comes to diving, climbing, running, or any kind of outdoor activity. When it comes to quality, Invicta’s Pro Divers clearly takes the prize. On the other hand, their other watches have average to excellent build qualities.
Invicta offers several movements in its line. One of their best probably belongs to the Technica Swiss Ebauche 1902 Mechanical Chronograph with a Seagull ST-19 movement. Although it isn’t a Swiss movement, it’s a good sample of the kind of quality offered. Invicta’s Pro Divers also contain excellent movements, such as the SII/Epson NH25 and the Miyota 8215.
In conclusion, for overall fit, finish and quality I give Invicta a thumbs up. I would not spend over 300. USD and I think you’ll be ok if you stayed within that price range. I do definitely recommend looking at their line. In addition, their warranties are second to none…
My pick, the Invicta Pro Diver.

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