Did you know that Bvlgari has, for many years, made (and continues to make) one of the most iconic vintage ladies’ watches in history – the Tubogas.  Tubogas watch is from the 1940s, when an Italian jeweler released a serpent-form wristwatch that coiled around the wrist, with the movement concealed in the head of the snake.  The tubular design soon became one of Bvlgari’ s most iconic designs ever produced.  Today Bvlgari still makes both Serpenti and Tubogas watches (the latter as “Serpenti Tubogas”) The Tubogas design was inspired by the production of flexible gas tubing used in the 1920s and automotive exhaust pipes – just another example of how watches and cars are forever linked to one another.
What I truly like about these pieces is that Bvlgari made a ladies manual-winding wristwatch, unlike some of the ladies pieces in production today.  These vintage pieces are not only attractive, but are also functional, with historical importance.
You know me and my usual soap box… I truly am ashamed that so many brands today do not research the history books and archives more, or use the same movements as their men’s pieces.  It’s been said, “Ladies do not like to wind their watches every day,” which is horse manure!  Today’s women is sophisticated and demands high quality and standards when it comes to their watches.

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