The Seiko SKX007 Classic Diver

In Review –
Here is a piece I am very excited to have in my hands and on my wrist! This Seiko started out as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) SKX007 Classic Diver watch with a 7S26 Calibre Automatic Movement (see picture of original watch below). It is an entry Seiko diver watch with its unidirectional bezel, 200m water resistance and rubber strap. The large Lume indices are typical of Seiko Divers. Nice watch to begin with… Key words, “to begin with”.
When friends David and Mai over at E3 Supply Company out of New York got it into their hands… they created what I consider a classic rendition of years past, World War II specifically. The E3 Supply Co. reconstructed the SKX007 (which I have now renamed “Kurashikku”, Japanese word meaning classic, thank you Zachery for that) watch from the ground up for a total transformation! A new stainless steel case and bezel added, both finished in a matte look throughout. The finish almost looks powder coated. The Hardlex crystal was replaced with a sapphire crystal and a see through display case back was also customized.
The rubber strap was removed and replaced with a handmade vintage Cowhide leather strap that was hand cut, hand stitched and hand forged stainless steel hardware added… Constructed very well I might add… The fit, finish and quality of this watch and strap looks as though it came out of the Seiko factory in Japan. The result, a 38mm (originally issue size during WWII) Pilot watch reminiscence of the old military watches of the 1940s. Almost so real in design I could mistake it for a watch removed from a time capsule.
Pros and Cons:
I like keeping my watches as close to original as possible and recommend it to collectors as well; however, am breaking my own rules on this one. I also make exceptions for vintage watches due to original parts being so hard to come by, so in those cases only aftermarket parts will be available and acceptable. When purchasing new or newer watches I will only buy watches with original 100% OEM parts. The only other thing I dislike about this Seiko Diver is no screw down crown for a watch considered a diver… this feature should be a must.
That said, I am really glad that in this instance I opted for a customized watch. I already know the Seiko 7S26 movement so I can’t go wrong there. I did not buy this watch as a collector’s item and understand it will not increase in value anytime soon, if ever. It’s just a nice historical replica piece that looks and feels great! I give it a THUMBS UP and recommend folks look at what E3 Supply Co. is producing!

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